Company Formation
(India & Overseas)

We are top rated Chartered Accountants in India. We help businesses in India and abroad with starting business in India. We have 20+ experience of fulfilling over 1500 entrepreneur dreams! We have clients ranging from e-Commerce Startups to Private Limited firms.

Fema Consulting

At PAN, we have professionals who are experts in dealing with FEMA. Our services under this head include:
1.Filling of various returns relating to issue of equity to foreign nationals
2.Valuation of shares under FEMA
3.Filing of Annual Accounts with RBI
4.Obtaining approval from RBI where required for remittances to be made from India on current and capital account transactions

RBI Consulting

SNPC Consultants provides complete RBI compliances consultancy services and guidance related to FDI – Foreign Direct Investment, FPI – Foreign portfolio Investment, NBFC Compliances, Acquisition and transfer of Indian company shares, Private limited company compliances and so on. With a experienced team, we have successfully carved a niche providing complete guidance to our Indian and overseas clients.

Foreign Direct Investments

FDI Policy was first introduced in 1991, it offers liberation of trade policies for business globalization and an exclusive opportunity to enter new markets. Foreign Direct Investment is the net inflow of investment in order to acquire ownership, management control, or profit sharing of an accredited company abroad receiving the investment. FDI offers advantages to investor and the country receiving investments. These advantages have been harvested by the government and private sector companies for economic growth.

Overseas Direct Investments

Corporate Capital Ventures is a prominent consultancy engaged in providing FDI/ODI advisory services. Our services are widely acclaimed for reliability and timely execution. Our team of professionals provide an immaculate range of services across leading sectors in the industry related to foreign direct investment.

Corporate Law Services

Our organization specializes in providing Company Law Board Approvals to our clients. These are important directives and approvals. These are made available as per the provisions of company law. These are finalized only after being given green signal by the board of directors. The terms and conditions are applicable thereby. Our expertise lies in providing these in effective manner by using smooth coordination with our clients. Due to our effectiveness and expertise, we have managed to win trust of our clients in this regard.

Share and Company Valuation

If you want to understand quickly how to Value a Company, Business or Shares, have a look at our crisp whiteboard Video on Valuations. In a minute, you will learn about–
• What is Valuation
• Why You need Valuation
• Fundamental and Relative Valuations
• Approaches and Methods of Valuation
• Choice of Valuation method
• Equity v. Enterprise Valuation
• Minority v. Control Valuation
• Our Valuation process and credentials

Merger and Acquisition

Acquisition valuations are complex, because the valuation often involved issues like synergy and control, which go beyond just valuing a target firm. There might also be a tax rationale for using stock. Cash acquisitions create tax liabilities to the selling firm’s stockholders.