Direct Taxes

Direct taxes are those which are paid directly to the government by the taxpayer. These taxes are not paid deducted and paid on behalf of the taxpayer. It’s imposed on the people and organizations directly by the government. This tax liability has to be paid by the taxpayer in question and cannot be transferred to any other entity for payment.

Indirect Taxes (GST)

Indirect taxes pervade every area of a company’s business. Their impact on material and product costs, cash flow, profitability and, ultimately, on shareholder value is an important element to stay ahead in competition. Our team comprises over 300 indirect tax professionals across India. We provide comprehensive advice and assistance on various indirect taxes such as Customs duties, central excise, service tax and VAT (including works contract taxes and lease taxes).

Transfer Pricing

Price charged by individual entities for goods or services supplied to one another in multi-department, multi-office, or multinational firms. Transfer price policy is generally aimed at (1) evaluating financial performance of different business units (profit centers) of a conglomerate, and/or to (2) shift earnings from a high tax jurisdiction to a low-tax one.

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax is a form of tax levied on profits earned by businessmen in a particular period of time. Various rates of corporate taxes are levied for different levels of profits earned by business houses. Corporate tax is generally levied on the revenues of a company after deductions such as depreciation, COGS (Cost of goods sold) and SG&A (Selling general and administrative expenses) have been taken into account.

Company Law Consulting

We have Employed Company Secretaries who can take care of the corporate law and company secretarial requirements of our customers. Please do get in touch with us for your requirements related to corporate law services, company secretarial services, etc.

Registrar of Company Compliance’s

Although Private Limited Company is the most popular form of starting a business, there are various compliance which are required to be followed once your business is incorporated. Managing the day to day operations of your business along with complying the corporate laws can be little taxing for any entrepreneur. Hence, it is essential to take help of a professional and also understand such legal requirements to ensure timely fulfillment of compliance, without any levy of interest or penalty.